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Coach and bus cleaning
Coach and bus cleaning
Coach Cleaning Services by RJ Hawkins Ltd 
RJ Hawkins has a specialist coach cleaning division which is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the appearance of your coach, Bus and Mini-Bus fleet. 
We use only the best, high quality detergents to wash your fleet of coaches, busses and mini-busses. We use chemicals that are safe on paint and kind to the environment as our traffic film removers are biodegradable. 
In cases where drainage is an issue we are able to mechanically block drains so no waste water enters the surface drain system and remove or redirect waste water to foul drains or remove altogether. 
Our operators will ensure your vehicles are washed properly, making sure your coach and bus fleet is brushed, chassis are clean, wheels are free from brake dust and everything is rinsed thoroughly to ensure screens are clear. 
Naturally where passengers are involved it is important to keep interiors clean and hygenic which is why we pride ourselves on attention to detail when enhancing the look of your vehicles. 
Our aim is to give our clients the best truck wash and clean available at the most competitive rate 
For more information about our commercial vehicle cleaning services please call us on 0845 6199690. Alternatively click here to contact us >> 
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