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RJ Hawkins Northampton
Telephone: 0845 6199 690 
Email: info@rjhawkins.co.uk 
Website: www.rjhawkins.co.uk 
RJ Hawkins - News from the Truck Washing Industry 
We've just upgraded the facilities at the Northampton Truck Wash Centre, and can now operate two or three steam cleaners simultaneously . So we can wash more trucks, faster. 
We are currently looking for more staff to help man the Northampton Truck Wash. Good rates of pay with the potentential to earn more. Contact Rob if you might be interested. 
The Truck Wash is continually growing. We now accept Snap customers. 
Fancy giving your truck a foam bath? Try our new wash system at The Northampton Truck Wash. 
Check back regularly for news updates from RJ Hawkins...the Truck Washing Specialists 
This week, so far we have washed military trucks, show trucks, classic trucks, ambulances and food trays? 
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